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Wujiang Hengyu Textile Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd.

Wujiang Hengyu Textile Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd. is a large-scale dyeing and finishing enterprise that is capable of manufacturing, processing, dyeing and finishing 120 million meters of fabrics based on advanced technology and production and management systems.The company is situated in the scenic Zhenze Town of Wujiang City, where is known as "a land flowing with milk and honey and "the Home of Silk" and enjoys convenient transportation and superior geographic location. The company mainly engages in processing cotton/nylon, polyester/cotton and elastic fabrics, memory fiber, medium/high grade down jacket fabric, trousers material, elastic grosgrain and other textile garment materials. There are 120 sets of high temperature and high pressure overflow dyeing machines, two sets of new-model cold pad-batch dyeing combination machines, 40 sets of normal temperature flat cylinder dyeing machines, 14 sets of setting machines (including 7 sets of imported setting machines) and supporting facilities such as loose reducing machine, imported desizing machine, flat reducing machine, scutching rinsing machine, automatic hanging weight machine, etc. The company has modern sample laboratory, 31 sets of infrared dyeing tester, advanced computer color measurement equipment and computer color measurement software.


Dyeing and finishing a traditional high-polluting industry. Adhering to the objective of creating a first-class modern enterprise, the company actually implements sustainable development of environment, and it takes environmental protection engineering construction as priority and will make more efforts to protect the environment. The company has invested 15 million yuan on introducing complete set of sewage treatment equipment and wastewater reuse equipment and technologies from Europe.


Adhering to enterprise tenet of customers are “god”, quality is eternal brand, service is the basic and to development philosophy of people-oriented, self-discipline, resource optimization, creating brand, the company strives to promote technological innovation and enterprise development by increasing science and technology input.


Products: 1. Elastic series: Nylon/cotton、Cotton/nylon and other interweaving two way stretch and four way stretch fabrics
                 Polyester nylon two way stretch and four way stretch fabrics
                 2. Home textiles: cationic imitation linen, special raw material white lines, silk imitation linen series
                 3. High count and high density products, ultra-thin products



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